We have been working with Eli Kaufmann and his associates at Hero Sourcing for many years with great results. They’re honest, pro-active, hardworking folks who pay attention to details and are on top of things all the time. Manufacturing in China is a complex and delicate process and we’re glad to have retained Hero Sourcing to manage our production.

Very truly yours,
Jacob Silberstein,
President Fantasy Fountains & Gardens

Starting a new business is no small task; therefore, finding knowledgeable and trustworthy partners is so important. My business consultant recommended Eli Kaufmann for my overseas Manufacturing Rep. It took no time to know Eli was that knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional partner I had been looking for. Eli only accepts the highest quality products for his customers.

He is always available to assist wherever needed, that is part of his personal touch. I highly recommend Eli Kaufmann of Herosourcing to businesses large or small, new or established. You want Eli on your Team!

Cathy Margoshes,
President HandsFree Living, Inc.
Sunrise, Florida

"Our company has assisted over 3,000 companies with their sales and marketing. Many of these have asked us for assistance with sourcing their product off-shore, and we recommend Eli Kaufmann and Hero Enterprises, Inc."

"Mr. Kaufmann is honest and highly professional and is the only agent we recommend. The excellent services he provides help our customers succeed and their rave reviews attest to this."

Roger Wilson
Manufacturers Representative Profile

"My experience with Eli Kaufmann has evolved over the past 7 years into a true team. He has many years of experience, across multiple lines, but most importantly a real business savvy. I remember one time, when he was in Europe, that he called me to relay some street news from China that could impact some of my products. We discussed, worked through it, and developed a strategy that gave me an edge over my competition. He had obviously been doing his homework. Eli’s knowledge and demonstrated ability were and are a major contributor to my company’s continued success. He is a player that you want!"

Dennis Swan
S & J, Inc.
Kansas City, MO.

"Eli and I work in the same industry and met many years ago. Both he and I have used each other as a "sounding board" for industry information in an effort to provide better service to our clients. I value Eli's friendship and professionalism. I find his business style to be straight-forward and focused on customer satisfaction. He is not afraid to tackle problems that arise and looks to quickly resolve any issues that may interfere with good business practices. He works very hard to please his customers and maintain excellent customer and supplier relationships."

Michael Russo
Industry Advisors, Inc.
The Gift Association of America