Startup thoughts

Start your own business??
  • Vision – be clear about your own, and then ask others to help.
  • Assistance – there is a lot of it out in the marketplace if you look for it: SCORE is a prime example. Their group of retired professional will put their expertise at your disposal.
  • Support – surround yourself with people who support you, yet be open to those who may be critical of your idea, especially those who have been through the mill and came out winning.
  • Create a “Think-tank group” – choose a few people who are willing to be your bouncing wall, then meet with them on a regular schedule. It will help to keep you focused.
  • Acknowledge that you won’t know how to do everything out the gate, but trust that you will learn.
  • Last but not least, know it will be hard and have the belief and endurance to succeed.
Good Luck.

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