Sourcing Essentials

This is a response to a question I was asked during a presentation to a group of potential importers:

The question was whether it is advisable to execute sourcing activities, production, financials, logistics etc. on the Internet:

There are multiple listing sources on the web yet it has to be noted that these are paid listings, hence depending on these should be limited to data harvesting and once a product or a manufacurer is found, a cautious follow up should be undertaken.

Ideally, “Feet on the ground” i.e. your own trusted associate/partner in the sourced country with a real-time representative in the US is the ideal structure.

Such a person/entity will be your assurance that the product you require is priced correctly, raw materials, samples and production lead-times are documented in the official quote, samples are approved and documented, QC is done according to international standards and in the event a product requires a UL / CE or similar certifications, your associate is well versed in the procedures.

There are a multitude of related activities that need to be addressed, such as shipping, customs regulations, maritime insurance etc.

Omitting any of these and others may wreak havoc in your operations.

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