Seven Rules for Business and Life

Seven rules for business and life

Found this in an old email yet do not know who coined these

The Law of Compensation
My income is determined by how many people I serve and how well I serve them.

The Law of Value
My true worth is determined by how much more I give in value than I take in payment.

The Law of Influence
My influence is determined by how abundantly I place other people’s interests first.

The Law of Receptivity
My key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

The Law of being a "Good Finder"
Look for the good in others and I will find it ~ they will see the good in me.

The Law of Authenticity
My most valuable gift I can offer ~ is my good self.

The Law of Self Belief
Look in the mirror every day ask the person looking back at me (fill in the blank)________________

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