Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for statuesfigurines, and decorative furniture. It is a sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture. Additives can be incorporated into the compound to enhance the material's strength, reduce its weight, add heat stability, decorative effects, and is compatible with a large range of different finishes, such as paint and metallic finishes. One form often used is Alabastrite, a stone-based material. When added to the resin mix, it has a similar appearance to porcelain and pottery.

* These are production photos, not a sales catalog and are indicative of our production abilities.

Resin, Hand Painted Wreath

Resin, Antique Style Box

Resin, Boy With Flag

Resin, Rider Bronze Finish

Resin, Santa Long Beard

Resin, Katie's Pledge