Outsourcing/Off-shoring to China – An Overview

Outsourcing to China

An Overview


1. A practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it   internally. (source – Investopedia).

2. Outsourcing is a process by which a company entrusts some or all of its production and/or procurement to professionals who are not employees of that company whose job it is to perform the manufacturing for the company.

Outsourcing which for a long time was a corporate related notion is now a tool used by entrepreneurs, business owners, and large companies for which outsourcing provides benefits and advantages that are the fuel for these companies growth.

It is a topic of conversation and evaluation in all forums involved in manufacturing and procurement. Companies looking to grow and survive in the US and/or global marketplaces are considering contracting their production and procurements activities to overseas providers. Some are already operating on this basis, while others contemplate the benefits of outsourcing their operations in part of full to the global manufacturing industry, namely Asia in general and China in particular.

The largest manufacturing country in Asia and probably in the world is China, where manufacturing is the economy's mainstay. Most global companies rely on China’s ability to manufacture goods efficiently with high capacity and with quality that meets the global standards, all done at a competitive cost.

The emergence of outsourcing firms and professional agents, all of whom have an Internet presence, enables small businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors to benefit from outsourcing their production to overseas manufacturers for lesser cost, freeing resources and time for marketing and sales.

You, the entrepreneur, small, medium or large business owner should consider taking advantage of this practical opportunity to transform your company into a productive, competitive business. To achieve this goal with outsourcing, business owners must avail themselves of the services of an outsourcing expert who will assist them in the process of setting up, QC and logistics.

Keeping the company productive, efficient and competitive in the marketplace, outsourcing part or all of its manufacturing gives it a tool that will enable its growth. Outsourcing enables a company to use a skilled, remote labor force manned with a well trained labor force. . Outsourcing certain aspects of your business will take a great load off of you and your employees’ shoulder. You effectively reduce the workload on your workforce, allowing them to focus more on other essential aspects of their business.

Cost management. When you outsource operations offshore, you effectively minimize labor and overhead costs. Labor and overhead expenses are the two most financially demanding aspects in any business.

By connecting with a sourcing company that offers adequate global sourcing solutions, you will find that there are a lot more advantages in opting to outsource.

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