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Offshore Manufacturing & Sourcing
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Part II
Hero Enterprises, Inc.
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To conduct business in the correct manner, manufacturers and importers should seek a relationship with a Full Service Company versed in the appropriate industry and having full control of English and the local language.

A Full Service Company is defined by –

  • Its ability to provide product development, production, quality control, sourcing, shipping, and documentation
  • Access to the manufacturing facilities
  • Getting inventory to a client's warehouse, thus allowing the client to attend to its most important roles, SALES.
  • Being a remote home office for the companies it serves with maximum confidentiality.

This set-up reduces or eliminates the need for global traveling, the expenses and hassles that are part and parcel of modern traveling.

The service concept offered herewith is the result of over two decades of experience in manufacturing for the gift and decorative accessories industries, as well as for the general consumer goods market. Since its inception, this service has done well for many domestic vendors, some of whom have visited the factories that manufacture their goods.

Hero Enterprises, Inc. / Sourcing Oversees Services, your partner……is a Full Service Company, located in San Diego, CA. with a Mainland China dedicated associate office, conference room, full computer network and internet access. We specialize in, but are not limited to, the mediums of ceramic, resin, wood and metal.

We expertly transform your design to a product, or use your prototypes and stock pieces to create counter samples, which, upon your written approval, become production masters. We pride ourselves of our competitive costs, low commission structure and confidentiality.

Once a firm order is placed and all financial arrangements are satisfied, production commences. The manufacturing facilities we work with are open to welcome customers’ visits.

Additional operational information is available when a relationship reaches an operative stage.

Please visit us at www.herosourcing.wpengine.com/newsite/ for Part One of this article!

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