Creativity is our ability to act in ways that are new. Thinking creatively can lead us be Inventive, creating something that was never done, Innovate, improving on an existing product, or both.

Whether you are an Inventor, an Innovator or a Startup, you will, at the end of your product creation or improvement, need a trusted, reliable manufacturer.

Invention and Innovation also apply to the realm of thought and ideas.

A business example of these two thought processes illustrates the difference clearly.

When a product development team bases its work on the way it has operated in the past, they are open only to innovation, increasing efficiency, reducing cost etc. However, when that team adopts the inventive thinking, it will ask itself: Can we create and experiment with a different operating platform, one that will produce a different, novel way of doing business which will greatly benefit our customers?
These days, companies need more invention than innovation. This means that people need to release their creative juices in ways that are quite different from the “Run of the Mill” methods of the past and be open to more experimentation to find out what works and what doesn't. 

Now that you have Invented or Innovated a product, your experimentation and market research proved you have a winner; you have your folder bulging with specs. artwork and the like and ready to go to market, it is time to ask yourself the following questions –

Where will I manufacture my product?

What do I know about off-shore manufacturing?

What do I know about QA, QC and Logistics?

What do I know about CBP regulations?

It is time for you to establish a reliable production source.

Turning ideas into products is our passion.

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