Chinese New Year 2015 – February 19th
Year of the Sheep (羊)
For a change, not a business post, but rather some knowledge and a little trivia about the Chinese New Year.
When is Chinese New Year this year? The upcoming Chinese New Year falls on February 19th when we'll be ringing in the year of the Sheep.
What is the Chinese New Year? There's a lot more to it than lion dances and firecrackers.
These two traditions are integral and more visible during this festive season, yet Chinese New Year to China is like Christmas to the West. In essence, Chinese New Year means spending time with family, gift giving and, the all-important, food-fest.
China’s manufacturing (just a little business note) comes to a slow to stand still starting in mid-February, lasting about two weeks, allowing people time for travel, family and festivities.
Some Characteristics of Sheep People
Sheep people simply seek peace. They are quiet and calm men and women
• They enjoy carrying on with life in their own individual way; they are happy to be in the middle of the actions rather than being leaders.
• They are highly creative, enjoying cultural activities, and focus their energy on artistic hobbies.
• Sheep often appear easy-going and relaxed, happy to be going with the flow, but inwardly they can be anxious.
• Sheep are nurturers; this is one of the few feminine signs. They enjoy taking care of other people. Their personalities are quiet, reserved and soothing.
• Those born under the Sheep sign will do better than they realize, partly because they are so good at keeping the peace and partly because they are good at accomplishing the tasks at hand.
People Born in the Year of the Sheep
Michelangelo, King George VI, Jane Austen, Boris Becker, Jamie Foxx, Mel Gibson, Franz Liszt, Michelangelo, Mark Twain, Barbara Walters, Orville Wright and Rudolph Valentino.

So, Happy Chinese New Year! May the fortune cookies be with you.