About Us

Our history spans over two decades of providing quality products and dedicated service.

In 1995 we sold our wholesale business and, based on the excellent working relations with various offshore suppliers, offered our Sourcing Services to the US market. It has been a rewarding 24 years and we assure you of our best intentions in bringing your product to market.

Improve your profits with off-shore sourcing.
Our US based service ensures timely deliveries and clear communication with reputable Asian manufacturers.
You focus on clients; we’ll worry about quality producers.



Eli was born in Israel, completed his education at the ORT Vocational High School in Tel Aviv. He then traveled to Germany where he completed his education and graduated with a master’s degree in structural and high pressure welding.
Upon return to Israel, Eli worked for Kaiser Steel building the evaporation basins in the Dead Sea.
Eli married and with his wife raised four sons.
In 1975 Eli bought a small food processing machinery company and grew it to a national size.
In 1981 Eli was offered a five year contract with an Israeli Access Control company to establish their marketing operations in South Africa.
His company built and installed high security access control systems throughout South Africa.
In 1986 Eli and family immigrated to the US, where he and his wife bought a small wholesale giftware company and over the next nine years expanded it with nationwide sales.
In 1995 Eli, who by then had well established suppliers in the Far East, sold the company and building on his Far East connections, offered sourcing services to the US market.


Mission Statement

  • Give companies an advantage by helping them source and manufacture products of high quality at competitive prices.
  • Smooth communication between client and supplier by supporting clients with bridging language and cultural disparities.
  • Ensure timely deliveries.

Case Scenario

Problem Solution
  • diminishing profits due to increased production cost.
  • move production to high quality, cost effective facilities.
  • high cost of product development and prototyping.
  • use our resources to cut cost and turn around time.
  • decreased sales volume.
  • Use of off-shore production will free your time to do what you are in the market for – Sales and Profits.