Sales! What is it?

Sales! What is it?

Natural ability? Learned sales skills?

Do we view salespeople as honest? manipulating?  

We all sell, from the child who wants to convince his parents to buy him a new game, the boss who needs to convince his employees that a new process will benefit them and their workplace, or the fundraiser who presents at an event.

Sales skills = communication skills which are essential and critical in any field, be it business, education or sports, enabling one to gain financing, bring in partners and customers.

Sales also require one to learn the skills of negotiating, with landlords, suppliers & customers, among others. Negotiating requires good listening abilities, overcoming objections and reaching agreements while avoiding confrontations.

Next is the skill of closing a deal. It is hard for many people. Closing has been called among others, Science, Talent,  persistence and overcoming rejection; A mix of these is probably the magic wand.

Last but not least, self discipline and self confidence.

Your thoughts?

Happy Selling.

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