Reasoning Part 2

So, was busy drumming up business (really tough these days) but being an optimist, I see the glass half full and make any attempt to fill it to the rim.

And now to part 2 of Reasoning!!!


Aposteriori is the alternative (to Apriori).

Aposteriori is inductive reasoning, based on experience not speculation.

General Custer might have consulted a old Indian fighter-old Indian fighters have been around, seen a few things, lived through battles-and mixed his West Point theory with a little old-west savvy, then stirred the whole thing with a stick of sagebrush and spit in it for luck.

That’s what Old Hickory-who got to be an old Indian fighter-would have done, we’ll bet.

 But General Custer had his plan, a masterpiece, no doubt, of logical steps in sequence, perfectly timed. General Custer was pure West Point, an apriori guy: He died young. It doesn’t always turn out that way, of course.

There is an exception to every rule.

A friend of ours at the race track for instance…………………

(want to know his story, come back in a couple of weeks :-})


As told by Don Kracke

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